Initial Signatories

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Laurie Adkin, Professor, Political Economist, University of Alberta

Isabel Altamirano-Jimenez, Assoc. Prof., Dept. of Political Science, University of Alberta

Jule Asterisk, Keepers of the Athabasca (Association)

Bob Barnetson, Professor, Labour Relations, Athabasca University

Gwendolyn Blue, Assoc. Professor, Dept. of Geography, University of Calgary

Mark Boyce, BS, MS, MPhil, PhD, CWB, FRSC, Professor of Ecology, Faculty of Science, University of Alberta

Ingo Brigandt, Professor and Canada Research Chair in Philosophy of Biology, University of Alberta

Bryson Brown, Professor of Philosophy, University of Lethbridge

James M. Byrne, Professor, Climate change science, impacts, solutions, University of Lethbridge

Ken J. Caine, Environmental Sociologist, University of Alberta

Odile Cisneros, Assoc. Professor, Modern Languages and Cultural Studies, University of Alberta

Debra J. Davidson, Professor, Environmental Sociology, University of Alberta

John England, FRSC, Professor Emeritus, Earth & Atmospheric Sciences, University of Alberta

Dr. Raquel Feroe, FRCPC, Edmonton

Joy Fraser, R.N., Professor and Director of the Health Administration Program, Centre for Social Sciences, Athabasca University

Thian Yew Gan, PhD, PEng, PE, Fellow of ASCE (snow hydrology, remote sensing, hydrologic modeling, hydro-climatology, climate change, and water resources management and planning), University of Alberta

Michael Gismondi, Professor, Centre for Social Sciences, Athabasca University

Joan Greer, Professor, Dept. of Art and Design, University of Alberta

Lorelei Hanson, Professor, Environmental Studies, Athabasca University

Trevor Harrison, Political Sociologist, University of Lethbridge

Kierstin Hatt, Ph.D., Sociologist, University of Alberta

Jaymie Heilman, Ph.D., Historian, University of Alberta

Andrew Hurly, Professor Emeritus, Department of Biological Sciences, University of Lethbridge

Glen Hvenegaard, Environmental Scientist, University of Alberta

Dan Johnson, Professor of Environmental Science, University of Lethbridge

Amy Kaler, Professor and Associate Chair, Dept. of Sociology, University of Alberta

Mustafa Kaya, Metallurgical and Electrical Engineer, Edmonton

Noel Keough, B.Eng (Mechanical); MEDes (Environmental Science); Phd (Geography), Assistant Professor of Sustainable Design, University of Calgary

Stefan W. Kienzle, Professor and Chair, Dept. of Geography, University of Lethbridge

Nathan Kowalsky, Assoc. Professor, Philosophy, University of Alberta

Natalie S. Loveless, Ph.D., Art Historian, Curator, Art Theorist, University of Alberta

Linda Many Guns, LLB MA, Chair of Native American Studies, University of Lethbridge

Shawn Marshall, Professor, Department of Geography, University of Calgary, Canada Research Chair in Climate Change, Associate Director, Arctic Institute of North America

Donald McNab, Ph.D., Educational Psychologist, Edmonton

Byron Miller, Professor, Urban Studies Program, Department of Geography, University of Calgary

Sourayan Mookerjea, Ph.D., Sociologist, Director, Intermedia Research Studio, University of Alberta

Richard Mueller, Professor and Chair, Department of Economics, University of Lethbridge

Mark Nuttall, Professor and Henry Marshall Tory Chair, social anthropologist, University of Alberta

Howard Nye, Professor, Dept. of Philosophy, University of Alberta

Dr. O’Connor, John, M.D., Fort Chipewyan

Kent Peacock, Professor, Department of Philosophy, University of Lethbridge

Cleo Reece, Co-chair, Keepers of the Athabasca Watershed Society

Harvey A. Scott, Ph.D, Professor Emeritus, Univ. of Alberta; Past Co-Chair and Director, Keepers of the Water, Athabasca Watershed Council [KOAWS]

Martin Sharp, Professor, Glaciologist, Climate Change Scientist, University of Alberta

Rob Shields, Professor and Henry Marshall Tory Research Chair, Urban Studies, University of Alberta

Meenal Shrivastava, Professor, Political Economy and Global Studies, Athabasca University

Mark Simpson, Associate Professor, Energy Humanist, English and Film Studies, University of Alberta

Peter Jay Smith, Professor, Centre for Social Sciences, Athabasca University

Susan Smith, Ph.D., Health Historian, University of Alberta

Colin L. Soskolne, PhD (Epidemiology), Professor Emeritus, University of Alberta

Donald W. Spady, MD, MSc, Adjunct Professor of Pediatrics, University of Alberta

Lorna Stefanick, Professor, Governance, Law and Management, Athabasca University

Makere Stewart-Harawira, Professor, Education Policy Studies, University of Alberta

Shannon Stunden Bower, Ph.D., Historian, University of Alberta

Imre Szeman, Professor, Environmental Studies, University of Alberta

Kevin Taft, PhD (Business), former Leader of Alberta’s Official Opposition              

Chloe Taylor, Professor, Women’s and Gender Studies, University of Alberta

Mary-Ellen Tyler, PhD, CSLA(Hon), Professor, Faculty of Environmental Design, University of Calgary

Jennifer Welchman, Professor, Philosophy: Environmental Ethics, University of Alberta

Sheena Wilson, Associate Professor, Energy Humanities, University of Alberta